Our Treatments


THE SPA BY VALMONT provides one-stop professional beauty services to customers. The service that we offer is not simply a beauty treatment, but we enable customers to have a true balance and harmony from mentally to physically via the relaxing atmosphere, attentive and professional way of treatment, perfect facilities and excellency of VALMONT’s products. Regain your natural glow and delicate firming skin through experiencing THE SPA BY VALMONT.

THE SPA BY VALMONT expands its upper floor and sets the front area as a product display zone where many art pieces are showcased, including antique sculptures and leather goods. This merges the idea of experiencing artistic beauty and comfortable shopping at the same time. Hence, our customers can learn more up-to-date information about VALMONT and choose their products at the same time.

The back area of the top floor belongs to our prestige VIP, they can enjoy different personal care here, from hair to face and body. This area is divided into a few individual rooms according to the design and artistic elements. The prestige VIP can relish their private moment, together with the comfort from Jacuzzi. The design of each room is unique and connected with art. Like the room with simple and harmonic design, it gives a silent and comfortable atmosphere to ladies. On the other hand, the graceful continental style gives you feeling like in Greece; while the avant-garde style with distinctive colour use of red and white generates an energetic feel. The elegant decoration, together with Vichy Shower, provides a relaxing and cozy spa experience to our customers. Also, the post-modern design shows another stylish and modern side of our spa centre. The design and combination of every inch of the room is meticulous and this can be shown from its wall, floor tiles, furniture to ornament. Our VIP can get pleasure from the spa treatment through physical and visual enjoyment at the same time.

THE SPA BY VALMONT also has an area for SAVEUR by Bruno Verjus which we have invited Bruno Verjus, a well-known chef in France, to design several special fusion food for our customers. This allows our guests to experience the fusion delicacy after the comfortable and relaxing spa.

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The Butterfly Movement

Through unique and exclusive treatment protocols, VALMONT treatments are easily distinguished from all others notably thanks to the Butterfly Movement.
Exclusively developed by the brand and widely used across its emblematic treatments, the Butterfly Movement is a unique and renowned technique which reactivates skin micro circulation and promotes lymphatic drainage.